FEA Design Services

FEA Design Services

We give Finite Element Analysis Service to all parts across different enterprises, for example, Mechanical Components, Automotive, Electronic Products, Pressure Vessels and so on.

    we use ANSYS programming for completing Simulation.We give: –

  • 1) FEA Simulation Video.
  • 2) Deformation Videos.
  • 3) Contour Plots.
  • 4) Ansys Simulation Report.
  • 5) CAD Mesh File.

Seacon has essentially given its help to General Engineering applications to complete Finite component examination for different customers universally. Seacon has broad involvement with doing the basic computations for different steel structures utilized in the oil processing plants, connect structures and so on. Seacon has done different recreations as on when required by the customers for pressure vessels, turning types of gear, heat exchangers and so on.One of the significant complex undertakings was in completing the composite investigation including tall types of gear, interfacing pipelines working at high temperature and upheld on the wide steel structures.Seacon has completed modular examination and recurrence reaction investigation for the electric cupboards.Seacon has effectively completed warm examination and coupled field investigation.Seacon has completed gantry brace mounted on the structures for various burden cases concerning wind loads and without the impact of the breeze load with static stacking according to European guidelines.Seacon has a group of aptitude to complete these limited component based investigation for pressure vessels and warmth exchangers. A portion of the FEA estimations we regularly complete are:


Modular and Buckling Analysis: Nonlinear clasping investigation and Eigen-esteem extraction utilizing FEA systems. Auxiliary Static Analysis: FEA for meager shell structures for vessels and warmth exchangers. The stacking may incorporate the operational weight and temperature or its mix. Or then again it might incorporate the outer weights or wind loads, contingent upon the prerequisites. Relentless State Thermal Analysis and Transient Analysis: Carried out FEA for strong structures utilizing hexahedral components for tube sheets, spines and so forth. Reaction Spectrum Analysis: Carried out model and reaction range investigation of structures, funneling and types of gear.

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